November 21, 2018


Tekla Structures is a building information modeling software that is able to model structures that incorporate all kinds of building materials like steel, concrete, timber, etc. It allows structural drafters and engineers to design structures and all its components in 3D.

When people hear about Tekla Structures, some of them think that it’s a software for steel and concrete detailers and fabricators. However, what some people don’t know is that the software is also used by engineering offices, by civil and structural engineers, merely for creating fabrication level and shop drawings directly from a 3D model.

Engineers worldwide are using the software, especially for EPC and industrial projects, as it has multiple benefits to offer them, for example:

  • 3D constructible modeling + creating engineering-type drawings (GAs, rebar intents, sections) automatically from the model.
  • ‘As-built’ model facilitates accurate, model-based Material Take Offs and other key reports.
  • Seamless interoperability with Staad.Pro – user can either
    • Import Staad analysis model into Tekla for detailing, OR
    • Start in Tekla by modeling analysis elements together with physical ones – > export analysis model to Staad for design and update results directly in Tekla.
  •   Work with PDMS/SP3D/other plant software’s
    • Option to model in Tekla, export to PDMS or vice-versa to speed up workflow when carrying out necessary detailing requirements and clash checks with piping/plant equipment.

Below is a short video of 10 reasons engineers work with Tekla to produce better, more accurate engineering structural details, improving their overall project delivery productivity.

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