October 14, 2018


Trimble, in the past years, has acquired many leading establishments that play a vital role in the construction ecosystem. The reason behind this is to fill all the gaps possible in becoming the leading provider of end to end technology solutions globally, for the construction industry.

One such acquisition was Tekla, which is a leading Building Information Modelling tool that is able to model structures and incorporates different kinds of building materials like steel, concrete, timber, etc.

With this acquisition along with others, Trimble now sits comfortably among the top players who offer complete BIM solutions to the analysis & design, detailing and structural engineering sectors of the construction lifecycle. The building information modeling software is recognized as the top construction software for detailing, fabrication, and assembly of steel and concrete structures for the AEC and the EPC industrial segments.

One of the things that make Tekla software such a sought-after solution in the construction industry is its unique extensions available exclusively for Tekla users. Don’t get confused by this excerpt, Tekla is in fact, a ‘ready-to-use’ software right out of the box, however, keeping in mind the fact that all projects are unique in their own way, Tekla offers various tools and extensions that further help its users to enhance their development even more.

Here are some of the most popular extensions that Tekla Users unequivocally value:


The Construction Sequencer is one of the most used and popular tools/extensions for Tekla Structures users. The Construction Sequencer is intended to provide project managers, steel erectors, concrete contractors, etc., with a Building Information Modeling based tool to assist with planning and execution of onsite activities.

This extension becomes very useful for users when they need to view multiple information about an object directly from its user interface. When a user selects an object directly from the model, all the information is shown in the Construction Sequencer interface. That information can then be shared among users through Excel spreadsheets or PDF’s, and the data can also be extracted if required to produce documents for the site.

Another function that adds a star in the extensions’ rating is that it allows users to go through and create animations within a model based upon dates or construction sequences – they can see the erection planning or even animate within the model using the tool.


The Multi Converter extension comes in handy for users who wish to export single or even several objects from a model in multiple file formats like IFC, STEP, IGES, OBJ, and STL. This extension allows users to select even those objects that consist of bolt holes, as well as curved members.

Users can simply open a Tekla model, launch the Multi Converter extension and from there, they can select any object and convert it to whichever format they prefer.

This process becomes extremely useful for users who instead of viewing the entire model, simply want to view a specific object. All the specs and related information are also converted and suppliers or sub-contractors, for example, can use that data accordingly.


By far, one of the most popular extensions. As its name suggests, the Publish to 3D PDF extension allows users to create a PDF of an entire project (or just a selected project), and embeds that model into the PDF so that people can zoom around, pan, rotate, etc. to view a model.

This can be used for sending out RFI’s or just for people to view models without having them to install a separate model viewing application. The fact that everyone knows how to open a PDF makes this tool so popular, as sharing models among stakeholders and different members of the projects become a piece of cake. People can visualize the models in the PDF reader and view even the smallest details like fasteners, reinforcements, welds, etc.

Naturally, as there are multiple teams involved in a project, any software we use needs to have such tools and extensions that can help us have seamless data sharing and communication amongst everyone involved in the project.

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